Tom and piglet

A general contractor by trade and now a beginning farmer, Tom has been the driving force behind our pasture renovations and increasing livestock production. He is passionate about ensuring the well-being of our animals and providing healthy food for the local community. Tom is also working closely with the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education to improve soil health and water quality at Black Tansy Farm.


Working on the farm

I am passionate about farming! I grew up in southern Oregon on my parents’ family farm where we raised cattle and hay. Now I have finally managed to establish my own farm where my own children can play and work. We try to use sustainable farming methods, although it has been very much a process of trial and error. I also have degrees in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture, as well as deep interests in fermentation and microbiology. Eventually I hope to incorporate all of these interests in our farming enterprise!