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Spring is upon us at Black Tansy Farm! This is the season for new baby calves and lambs. I’m so excited that there is no mud on the ground. Everything is green, and the flowers are blooming. We also have new grass coming up in the pasture, which is very exciting because the pigs “renovated” […]

Our Tractor Collection

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We at Black Tansy Farms have just got a new tractor and we are really excited to get it ready to ride. We have 4 tractors in total and they all are about the same size except for the new one we just got, which is a lot longer. Our new tractor is a kind […]

Farrowing huts for pasture-raised pigs!

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Modified A-frame farrowing huts

These awesome farrowing huts help keep newborn piglets safe and warm in outdoor pasturing systems like ours (Honeyman and Roush, 1997). Thanks to Tom’s construction expertise we built each hut in just a few hours! We are deeply grateful to A Greener World for funding the project. Thinking of building a farrowing hut of your […]