Bulk Pork Special

Want to stock up your freezer? You can now purchase our pastured pork in bulk for $6/lb. This pork is healthier for both you and the environment, and is also generally less expensive than you can get in most grocery stores.

Our pigs are humanely cared for. We don’t dock tails, clip teeth, or put sows into farrowing crates. Since we are a farrow-to-finish operation, we can promise that each pig was born on our property and had the best pastured piggy life until the very last day.

All processing fees have been paid and the pork is vacuum-sealed, USDA-inspected, and ready for your freezer immediately. The hogs were processed at Mohawk Valley Meats with our standard cut and wrap orders, which include: boneless chops (1” thick), medium cut bacon (may or may not be peppered), 3–4 lb shoulder and arm roasts, tenderloin, spare ribs (may be St Louis style), smoked and split hocks, 3–5 lb ham roast(s), ham steaks, and some combination of ground pork, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, or chorizo sausage. You can schedule an appointment to pick up from the farm or, if local to Eugene-Springfield, we may be able to deliver directly to your doorstep. We do accept EBT cards, but they must be run in person at the farm.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or want to schedule pick-up/delivery! Select a size below to purchase immediately via PayPal.

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