March Meat CSA Shares

box full of packaged beef, pork, and lamb meat cuts

Happy almost-spring! It is time for March meat CSA share distribution. We hope you’ve been enjoying your pasture-raised meat products this past month and are ready for more. Meat shares will be available next week according to the following schedule:

  • Door-step deliveries next Tuesday, March 1, between 10:00–2:00.
  • Downtown Springfield drop-site pick-up next Tuesday, March 1, between 2:00–4:00.
  • Pick-up on the farm next Saturday, March 5, between 10:00–4:00.

If you have any special requests for this month, we are happy to do our best to accommodate them. Otherwise we plan to include the following items (actual box contents may vary, depending on package weights and your original preference selections when you signed up):

  • Full Share: Italian sausage, ground pork, breakfast sausage, pork chop, bacon, pork back ribs, pork shoulder butt roast, ground beef, top sirloin steak, chuck/rump/round roast, beef neck soup bones, cubed round steak, lamb chops, ground lamb.
  • Half Share: Italian sausage, ground pork, pork chop, bacon, ground beef, top sirloin steak, chuck/rump/round roast, cubed round steak, ground lamb.
  • Quarter Share: Italian sausage, pork chop, ground beef, top sirloin steak, ground lamb.

If you would like any additional items beyond what is typically in the shares (organ meat, tongue, dog bones, pork fat, etc), just ask! We can also provide a la carte meat cuts that you can add to your share either at the time of pick-up/delivery or any time during the month, in case you run out early.

Field Notes: The mud is starting to dry up (at least temporarily) and animals have been out basking in the sun we’ve had for the last few days. Tom planted a diverse pasture forage mix, including peas, oats, barley, red wheat, sunflower, flax, alfalfa, and other mixed seeds, in two of the pig-renovated paddocks, so we expect to have beautiful green fields growing again soon. A bunch of our sows have also produced litters in the past couple weeks, so we have over 70 piglets running out and about, plus four new calves!

pile of sleeping piglets

Gwynne & Tom