Meat Boxes

Thank you so much for all your support buying our local farm-fresh pasture-raised meat! We currently offer beef, pork, and lamb in our affordable meat boxes or by the package. Note that we are happy to make substitutions of equal value to ensure you are completely satisfied with meat box contents. Pork is also available by the whole or half, inquire for more details if interested.

Please fill out the form below (so we know who you are and how to get your meat box to you) and then order items below using PayPal. If you have filled out the form previously, you don't have to do it again unless your address or instructions have changed. We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule delivery/pick-up.

Also, please note that we can only deliver meat boxes within the Eugene-Springfield area. If you are further away, we would be happy to meet you at the outskirts of town or deliver to you for a fee, depending on location.

Essentials Box ($30)

1 Ground Pork
1 Ground Lamb
1 Ground Beef
1 Pork Chop
1 Sirloin Steak

Griller's Delight Box ($40)

1 Ground Beef
1 Pork Belly
1 Lamb Kabobs
1 Pork Shoulder Steak
1 Flat Iron Steak

Prime Cuts Box ($45)

1 Pepper Bacon
1 Italian Sausage
1 Lamb Chops
1 Pork Tenderloin
1 New York Steak

Classic Comforts Box ($55)

1 Breakfast Sausage
1 Cottage Bacon
1 Beef Stew Meat
1 Lamb Shank
1 Pork Shoulder Butt Roast


Custom Orders

You can also create your own custom meat box or buy individual packages below. Weights shown are approximate and may vary by the package. If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask---we do have other cuts (ribs, roasts, etc.) available.


Breakfast/Italian Sausage (1 lb - $5)

Ham Steak (~1 lb - $6)

Pork Belly (~1 lb - $8)

Pork Chops (~1.5 lb - $9)

Shoulder Steak (~1.5 lb - $9)

Shoulder Butt Roast (~3.5 lb - $24)

SALE! Bone-in Ham Roast (~3 lb - $10)

SALE! Smoked Ham Hock (~3 lb - $9)


Short Ribs (~1 lb - $7)

Neck Bones (~3/4 lb - $4)

Round Steak, Tenderized (~1 lb - $8)

Rib Eye Steak (~1.5 lb - $15)

Sirloin Tip Steak (~.5 lb - $4)

Tri Tip Steak (~.5 lb - $4)

Tenderloin Steak (~.5 lb - $8)

Brisket (~3 lb - $21)